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Game News

Welcome to Panda's! We are a small faction on the Raging Tides server of Perfect World International. Our goals are to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for our members, while helping and teaching those in need. Here is a short list of things we do as a faction.

-Quest Bosses
-OHT map unlock Culti's

...and so much more! Don't know how to do some of those? It's ok! We have an exceptional group of members that are willing to teach you if you want to learn. Want to participate in Nirvana but you aren't APS, or don't have an insane weapon at +12 refines? That's ok too =P  We don't care so much about that, we are here to have fun and make the game more fair for all of you.

We do NOT charge due's to join at this time. Our member's have been donating pretty nicely towards the goal of obtaining a faction base. This is not a requirement. So while I do encourage such donations, they are by no means mandatory.

Our aim is not to be a TW faction, but to be more into the 9 Trials. That doesn't mean we won't try our hand at TW of course. It's just not our number one priority ;)
Guild News

Perfect World Descent, Official Info, Patch link

Bobobejumbo, Feb 14, 12 10:05 PM.
Alright Guys and Gals, The expansion is finally here. As such, the OFFICIAL (translated: no more guessing) Skill info and more can be found Here.

Also, the Servers will be down for FOUR hours tonight instead of the regular 2. They have also disabled the DQ rewards Page and Blessing's page (Facebook Connect) for the next day so they have more bandwidth for the download traffic.

Speaking of which, here is the manual patch link:

Don't download that before the servers go offline or else you wont be able to play until they come back up, lol. Download that to your hard drive now, but as soon as you open the file it will update your game. The file size is around 800MB.

Have fun and let me know if I can provide you with anymore information!

Get up-to-date on the expansion!!!!

Bobobejumbo, Feb 6, 12 5:00 PM.
Hey everyone, sorry i have been absent for a few days, just been busy. So by now everyone SHOULD be aware that PW is releasing another expansion on February 15th, 2012. 9 Days away.

So I want to make sure you all know as much as possible before-hand so you don't feel overwhelmed when it comes out and everyone is scrambling to do all the new stuff.

First and foremost, sign up NOW for the special launch gift! I don't know what it is, but it's probably better if you don't miss out on it, lol. You can sign up for your free gift Here.

Also, the PWI community has done a LOT of work compiling all the info they could dig up on the new expansion, such as the new skills for each class, new zones, the new gear, and all the pretty pictures too! Please go check it out!!!

First wave of recruitment!

Bobobejumbo, Jan 31, 12 9:46 AM.
Alright guys and girls, this week is all about heavy recruiting. Ask anyone you see without a faction on their head, spam WC, advertise Peach Chiya and Sil...wait don't do that last part, I don't feel like dying this week.

For now our only requirement is level 30+
The only reason we have this is because if people have what it takes to complete the 2x culti they just might have what it takes to stick around, lol.

Also I'll be cleaning out a lot of the inactives today (IE people who have been level 20 for over a month) So don't panic.

Alliance with STEEL

Bobobejumbo, Jan 27, 12 8:17 PM.
As many of you may already know, STEEL is Bluemetal's faction. As of right now we are in an alliance with them, so treat them as you would a member of Pandas. If you see one of them around and they need help, offer it if you can do so. There are no plans to form a merger, just a friendly alliance between two small factions to easier accomplish some big goals.

Keeping up with Matzzzzzzzzz

Bobobejumbo, Jan 27, 12 1:21 AM.
I have added a new thread in the forums, under general discussion, that basically keeps track of what I am doing with the faction catshop.

So if you're interested in following that sort of thing, or would like to offer suggestions on how to make the faction money quicker, please swing by the forums and check it out.
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